A promiscuous vixen that enjoys regularly partaking in the activity of sexual intercourse.
However, she will insist that you plough into her poo pipe in prefence.

A very dirty young girl.
Andy: Hey babe, can i give you a test drive? Always try before you buy.
P.P (poo pipe princess): Hellyeah, but remember: Up the back door, or not at all.
Andy: Sure, why not.
by j7x January 13, 2008
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gay man who enjoys bumming men
most plumbers you call if you got a leak, the poo pipe plumber you call if you want your pipes stuffed
by bumbandit84 May 31, 2009
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Also known as the Jolly Rogerer,pirate of men’s pants.
Watch out there maybe Poo Pipe Pirates int the shower room.
by K-Slash October 06, 2003
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poo pipe pusher is the word used for what is formally known as a homosexual.
many poo pipe pushers often have smelly penises because, well lets face it they stick their giggle stick inside another mans anus.

to be honest i rather think this is a disgusting act, though i suppose its okay if they where a condom, as this would prevent a homosexual mans penis to smell like shit!!
many people who poo pipe push tend to have dirty mushroom things growing on the end of their bell end.
as far as im concerned this is just unfortunate.

many poo pipe pushers also tend to rip their foreskin (banjo-string), this is perhaps the reason why i personally would never stick my penis into a man's anus. i think ill stick to pussy holes.
"oh my god!...that kid over there is obviously a total poo pipe pusher"

"look at how he walks, it looks like hes just had his poo pipe pushed!"
by Jason Bernard-macey Jordan February 11, 2009
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Invented by Jo Majic to describe one who is accustomed to the act of plunging ones member or some other phallic device into the poo pipe (anus)
Yeh I know quentin he's been known to plunge into the poo pipe of many young frisky men, some would say he's a total poo pipe plunger
by Nikki Majic April 10, 2010
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