A highly addictive, entertaining MMORPG where you pick a race and class, and advance in adventure level, acheivement level, and tradeskill level. No longer just for nerds, dorks, men, ect...

Many females, I being one, play this game for fun in their spare time. Due to the ever expanding increase in gaming over the past few years (2003-2006) and the demand for quality gaming experiences, the gaming community has expand far beyond what was once only virgin scraggly nerds with no lives. (though I tend to disagree with this statement as I have been a "gamer" since I was very young...Atari and Nintendo will never be a disapointment :P)

People need to realize that Everquest players arent nerds with no lives...but rather a community of people with OCD and a few spare hours here and there.
"I just bought Everquest 2, and everyone keeps thinking I am a guy. Girls, and not bad looking ones at that mind you, play games too. Just look at the Frag Dolls."
by Lauren... May 12, 2006
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A MMORPG sometimes used to help crackheads, cocaine or herioin addictis thru the symptoms of withdraw when they are trying to stop their drug habbits. Oftentimes however this backfires and the unsuspecting addict gets addicted to everquest 2 and continues using their drugs.

Sideffects of everquest 2 include: tiredness, stress, eye strain, seizures, divorce, loss of friends, increased desire for soda beverages leading to urinary tract infections, increased desire of pizza leading to constipation and or spastic diareaha, decrease in sex life, decrease of masterbation if sex life is not present, death, suicide, beards and in rare occasions fun.
Jenny: Get off that fucking computer and spend some time with me.
John: Ok hunny. I agree.
John: Oh yeah hunny it looks great!
Jenny: Your not even listening to me you son of a bitch
by DMF May 25, 2005
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MMORPG game released by Sony Online Entertainment November 9th, 2004.

Anticipated for more than a year. Uses next generation graphics (bump mapping, pixel shading)

Sequel to EverQuest, takes place 1000 years later when Luclin blew from the sky.

Instead of being like Everquest, you choose a main archetype, then a subclass at level 10, then at level 20 your final subclass.

World of Warcraft released a few weeks after it...EQII was more successfull.
DING! w00t! Now I can do my final subclass quest!
by Murt November 24, 2004
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EQ2 addicts hate those Wussies that play World of Warcraft. EQ2 rocks WoW sux. And yes we are mostly druggies. We are the all singing all dancing crap of the world and to get away from that we made our own 2nd world where we kill all those fucking freeps!

submited by : Emptyspaces from Venkor
Otherwise known as Rowey
Ya, i missed the party i was up all night kicking freep ass on Everquest 2.
by Tyler Durden 2 December 24, 2006
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