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1. See Dipshit.

2. One who is concluded to be an idiot, retard, stupid. See synonymous definitions.
"Hey Matt, have you ever wondered how interchangable 'dipshit' and 'dipfuck' are?

"Yes, you dipshit, why do you always have to be a such a stupid dipfuck?"
by ImSpartacus January 14, 2008
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1. A pejorative insult and hybrid of "dipshit" and "dumbfuck"

2. The people who drive 50 mph in the fast lane on a highway or interstate and in doing so impede traffic and anger everyone behind them
1. John is such a dipfuck he thought Peter Pan was something you keep under your bed at night.

2. I wish I was driving a monster truck so I could just roll over that dipfuck Masshole in front of me.
by czbg January 13, 2013
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A combining of the expletive-laden labels dip shit and dumb fuck. This insult usually occurs when a person is so pissed off that in mid-insult he/she changes his/her mind as to what the insult should be. The result is a combination of dip and fuck, as shit and dumb drop off due to their unfortunate residence in the middle.
You're such a dip fuck! Those were my twinkies!
by B... August 19, 2006
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When your boyfriend promises to take you to Colorado and then buys a ticket for himself and forgets to take you with him.
My boyfriend is a Dip Fuck.
by cascat February 19, 2014
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Someone who is really stupid.
see dipshit, homophobe, racist, retard, idiot, you get the point
what a dipfuck
by TR March 15, 2003
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