A place designed for college students to get food. In actuality it is place for freshman girls to wear no bra and show off their nipples and asses in very revealing clothes.
I went to the Dining Hall last night, the food sucked, but the freshman were fire.
by bigspence October 5, 2018
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the subsequent jog or full on sprint on the way back to your dorm room from the dining hall due to a sudden and serious urge to make a bowel movement onset by the meal that you just finished eating.
Dude A: "Hey man why are you runnin so fast back to the dorm? I thought we were going to stop at the library?"

Dude B: "Dude i gotta dining hall dash! Those beefy nachos are gonna make me squirt!"
by CUTiger2013 October 29, 2010
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Shitty-ass food
Lakeside Dining Hall-

Jim: "Hey did you get diarrhea from that Lakeside food?"
Harry: "Yes."
by Bossassbitch999 October 29, 2013
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the shit that happens 5 minutes after you eat at the esteemed fountain dining hall at NCSU
Man Bo-Vice i just got done eating like 5 minutes ago and now i guess its time for the fountain dining hall shit
by dasjfhsaduifha August 30, 2007
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1. All-you-can-eat fried food extravaganza (at Messiah College) with a few popular staples. Namely, Falcon-Fil-A, Chicken Cordon Bleu, and popcorn chicken. Oh, and if you don’t like fried chicken, you’re in luck. We have fried fish that tastes just like it.

2. The place where poor college students from Messiah go because they can’t afford to eat at the Falcon or Union.

3. The Community Cafeteria.
Student1: Did you go to Lottie Nelson Dining Hall this morning?

Student2: No, why?

Student1: Man did I have to take a sh*t after breakfast.

Student2: Yeah, that Egg McFalcon always makes me cream my jeans.
by LocoJaime February 21, 2020
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