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/Dindoo:/ Offensive)
noun: dindu; plural noun: dindus

an underhanded term for Nigger.

ORIGIN: America late 20th century, Europe Early 21st century, taken from English Slang of “Didn’t Do Nothing” which sounds like Dindu Nuffin if one struggles to pronounce the phoneme “th” in “nothing” or the “t” of the English contradiction of Didn’t of “Did Not.” Commonly used by poorer Americans, notably when met by figures of authority. The term gained popularity after many images of Black American encounters with Law Enforcement and is now used to mock Black Americans who have police encounters.
Common Usage
1- Dindu shouldn’t have ran away.
2- Weez Dindu Nuffin but beez Black yo.
3- Dindu on Dindu Crime.
4- Niggers never do what their told and always claim they won’t doin nuffin.

1- How many Nuffins did a Dindu do if Dindu Dindu Nuffin?
2- Dindus doing what Dindus do, which is nuffin.
by Informative Translator April 06, 2019
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A replacement, more "acceptable" term for a young black man. Primarily men brutalized and killed by police officers, whether they were armed and threatening or not. Originates from the mothers and family of the young black men who exclaim that their son "didn't do nothin' wrong," often in an American dialect that makes it sound like "dindu nuthin." It's nothing short of blatant racism...and while its use is defended on the grounds that it's targeted at criminals who wrongfully claim innocence, it's still overwhelmingly used in regards to black men, whether or not their claim to innocence is legitimate.
Similar to the way "Allahu Akbar" is used to mock middle easterners whether they're Islamic extremists or not.
"I know, I know, poor boy dindu nuffin, right?"
"Yes, he stole a cigarillo. I didn't realize theft was punishable by death in America, my bad."
by Chris J Phoenix August 07, 2016
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