A Word used to describe people (often negatively) who uses the phrase "I Dindu Nuffin" (I didn't do nothing), Typically after being arrested by the Police.
Cop: You are under arrest
Dindu: Man I Dindu Nuffin
by Xdgl September 17, 2022
\ dindu, 'dindu nothin' (non-offensive) \\ 'dindu nuffin' (racial pejorative) \

Dindu (a portmanteau of "didn't" + "do" succeeded by the word "nothin") is a whimsical expression, mostly used by the Right, to poke fun at what they perceive as MSM's portrayal of guilty people as innocent victims. The whimsical nature stems from the nuance of the double negative. Hence "dindu nothin" is an affirmation that the person, contrary to the narrative, did in fact do something.


Dindu, when used by itself or in combination with "nothin" (not to be confused with "nuffin"), is not a racial pejorative. This term specifically targets the supporters of criminal behavior and the associated MSM narrative. Nevertheless, in 2016, social media started banning it. In an attempt to bypass forum censors, commenters began posting various similar sounding alternative spellings (din-du, dindü, diñdu, dinndu, dinduu, dintdu, etc).


Dindu detractors argue that the word is racist because it makes fun of Black dialect. On the other hand, dindu supporters say this argument is absurd on its face: "Black people don't pronounce 'didn't do' like 'dindu.' To suggest otherwise is condescending. However, while dindu is fine when used alone, a distinction between the non-offensive 'dindu nothin' and the offensive 'dindu nuffin' must be made."
MSM Narrative:

Racist White police officer forces unarmed Black man to defecate in his pants.

Transformation of Above Narrative Using the Word Dindu:

Dindu nothin' caught stealing poops his pants in a failed attempt to stop the officer from arresting him.
by New Word Analyzer October 23, 2020
A type of person that is a crackhead/fiend
by Babatunda71 April 19, 2022
A racist term commonly used by FastOldGuy.
Those Dindus ran me out of town!
by Badassical Baddage November 12, 2020
A shrine dedicated to those who dindu nuffins. The shrine denotes location of homicide victim . Site consists of published condolences proclaiming ("he dindu nuffin" "he was a good boy", " aspiring rapper", "he was a loving father of 12", "local pharmaceutical salesman"aka street pharmacist). The Shrine usally littered with objects of the deceased favorite alcoholic beverages, basket ball jersey of his favorite team, flowers, ball caps.
We are here on the corner of 9th and park street. Where a 19 year old youth was gun downed. Authority's say it is gang related. We are here with friends and relatives at the location of the dindu shrine. They are proclaiming he was a good boy that dindu nuffins and was about to release his first album next month.
by thedogshitbandit March 7, 2016
Didn't do nothing

Din didn't du do nuffin nothing
Nah fam, Jackson dindu nuffin you told him to
by SiIverBuIIet February 18, 2021
What African-Americans give to others to prove they really Dindu Nuffin!
Bertha and Jackson were seen handing out the Dindu Muffins to half the family that got killed by JC LeVar Jr!