To be tricked, decieved or outdone. To be imbibed with false accountancies of produce.
Person 1: Hey guys i just got a Mars bar for 70p from the shop.

Person 2: They're 40p next door man.

Person 1: Really?

Person 3: It seems that you've been diddled my friend
by SummerOnions March 27, 2009
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The act of inappropriately touching a person under the legal age of sexual activities. Usually performed by Fry Shapland and Jay Inglis. Can be done in any occasion and can also be related to Paedophilia
Jay: "Holy shit did you hear about fry?"
Kaycee: "No, Jay you handsome fellow to tell?"
Jay: "Apparently he diddled the hell into an entire Orphanage"
by Not Big Jay January 30, 2011
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Guy 1: That tradesman overcharged me for the wall he built for me
Guy 2: By how much???
Guy 1: £2000
Guy 2: You've been diddled mate
by morgjones13 September 28, 2015
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To be memed on by the TSD crew
Ohhh...shit thy hath been diddled
by Lpdodjfbficirhehwixif April 29, 2018
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"I'd diddle her."
"Dude who the fuck uses that word what the fuck why am I friends with you?"
by Zehn Fjire Tjie August 30, 2016
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In short, to fool around with oneself; to masturbate; to commit Onanism.
Preferring toys to men, she diddled Valentine's night away.
by rokesmith February 14, 2005
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when one of the female gender fingers themself to the point or orgasm
by poop December 14, 2003
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