Edinburgh street slang for Cocaine.

The actual phrase was thought to have originated down the shore area of Leith and quickly spread up town and now as far as Glasgow and Dunfermline.
A typical example of the phrase being used at street level:
Hood 1 - "Inglis?" - asking the question.
Hood 2 - "Inglis!" - confirming the answer (yes I have inglis)
by Ingliston Market September 5, 2008
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A town with one red light, one gambling place, two banks, a handful of bars and no jobs. Everyone travels to the power plant or to the neighboring cities. Most people from Inglis don't wear shoes and went to Yankeetown School. Never go to Inglis unless fishing or looking for drugs, it's a trap!
You need some dope?

Let's go to Inglis
by ohemgeeitsdougiee December 20, 2016
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A period of lameness in which you are so lame, that, in fact, you are extremely awesome.
Nerdy Nerd 1: OMGZ, PiKaChU iS gEtTiNg A nEw PoWeR iN bRaWl 3!!!
Slightly less-nerdy Nerd 2: Dude, that's actually kind of ingly.
by Armand was on Top September 3, 2008
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A name given to ederly mens hair style when they insist on wearing their grey hair as what is also known as the mulletstyle.but this normally refers to the younger mans hairstyle.Origin is from the great white mullet, Mr Inglis of Australia.
"mummy look at that old mans long grey hair!"

"yes dear thats his inglis, I wonder if he is the great white mullet??"

by startracker November 27, 2007
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A fuck boy who nobody likes; twelve year old Percy now posts video's all over Facebook wasting everybody's time.
Hey John, don't do a Percy Inglis man. That's so not coolio hoolio.
by pretty.boy April 8, 2015
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A little 12vie who posts stupid posts on facebook to get attention and likes he also has the most annoying voice
Dude you cant post that youll look like a percy inglis
by Not.A.Shit.Cunt April 12, 2015
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1. A try hard fbf down syndrome whose immoral thoughts and opinions irritate the general population more than his mouse like voice.

2. A general twat bag

3. A boy with few too many insecurities about himself and coming out of the closet.
1. Stop being a percy inglis, it's embarrassing.
by randomhater April 16, 2015
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