someone who uses the "tradesman's entrance" ie the back door or arse for sexual gratification.
mary was on her period so i had to become a tradesman to get my end away
by tommy b October 24, 2003
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shortened from tradesman's entrance.
another name for the back passage, the arse, the batty, the bottom, the anus etc etc.
Man, she fucking loves it up the tradesmans, dirty bitch!

Gaylords are always rutting each other's tradesmans, they make me sick.
by dave January 4, 2004
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The arse.
Mr Winton wants to deliver the sausage to the tradesman's entrance.
by Ian Chode April 4, 2003
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Made popular through the song "Superstar Tradesman" by the Scottish band The View, a Superstar Tradesman is one of the less than bright or unruly kids who left school at 16 to become an electrician/plumber/mechanic. Now earning more money than people of equal I.Q who left school and work in call centres, he gets drunk and coked out his head every Friday and Saturday night at his local, ALWAYS stands at the bar,talks loudly and wears those brown boots that you can't seem to buy in shops. Liable to kick off at any point.
"That cunt who was in our year just bought me and 6 other guys at the bar a round of shots, must be doing not bad for himself." "Yeah. Thick as shit though. Superstar Tradesman."
by TheViewFan December 15, 2012
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Whilst not overly musical, the instrument has the ability to arouse an otherwise unmotivated worker to their feet.
Tradesman #1 - I don’t reckon keith is going to make it through to smoko, he was hittin the jars something fierce last night.
Tradesman #2 - Get him playing a few tones on the tradesman trombone and he’ll be right as purple rain.
by Sinor skeezioli November 8, 2022
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A common laborer, typically of a disheveled or frumpish appearance, usually unsettled and rarely living in one place for too long; Often associated with drifters, hobos and other societal outcasts.
"My dad hired some rough tradesman down at home depot to help him install the new gutters on the house."
by Skelter1999 May 28, 2008
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Stimulating your partner's anus, with fingers and tongue before penetration; licking and teasing the anus in anticipation of penetrating; the act of penetrating the anus as part of foreplay. The act of finger or tongue fucking the anus.
She never expected me to poach the tradesman's entrance but she's glad I did: she like's to know I'll be poaching the tradesman's entrance tonight.
by Evil Incarnate. November 30, 2011
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