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A guy who is super annoying. He will flirt with all the girls in your class, and make each one feel special and put cooties in stuff. Avoid at all costs. Except, if you are the one he doesn't give cooties to, then he might like you.
AD: Omg, Didar is so cute and funny!
SD: Girl, get your head in the game, he's flirting with Anisha now
AD: Um... they're just friends.
by justathingman June 14, 2018
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The far superior name given to the game where you "move your feet". A game at first glance looks like people are having a seizure in front of an arcade game, in fact is quite fun and great exercise. DDR is a very highly advanced form of hopskotch and can create some of the coolest people if you get to know them or the biggest douch's.

Become a dancer to the revolution of sweetness!
Didar is quite possibly the sweetest game ever! In fact it is so sweet, that it is definitely waysome!
by Ian Caton November 06, 2004
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