When one tries to get anothers attention but can't because someone else has bought there attention
by This girl February 23, 2020
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When a male distracts someone or has their full attention.
Raven: "Sorry I was distracted"
Kitty: "I think you mean dickstracted"
by Lorena🔪Bobbitt January 27, 2021
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Completely distracted by cock where you can’t think about anything else but cocks
Kim was so dickstracted by Joe’s cock she backed into Allen’s Cadillac.
by Northside O’Fallon June 13, 2021
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When a woman has previously dedicated her life or submersed herself into a man who wasn't worth shit (see e.g. fuck boi or fuck boy) (more than likely she will have multiple kids and more than one baby daddy) but only stayed around because of the dick or the lay (or fuck). She was distracted by dick, and the dick who's dick she was dicking down on, destroyed her life and may have caused either trauma or ended up in court or worse.

Distracted by the idea of dick. What she may mask as high intense feelings for you. I know, fucking hormones am I right?
In a sentence of casual conversation it would be used in the following example of context:

"I need to focus on my career and schooling right now"

"Why is that? You don't have free time for me? "

" I have time but I refuse to get DICKstracted when my exam is this week."
by Whisperinmyhead September 29, 2020
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When the male genitalia and the sex connected is so good everything happening in life is forgotten.
e.g. : ,, Damn Jasmin, I been si dickstracted that I forgot to pick up my kids!"
by #1#1 January 22, 2021
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