Combination of douchebag and Dickhead. Instead of a douchebag, the person is also a dick.An insult used on someone not as often as douchebag but is more offensive and the right word when douchebag does not properly apply.
Person 1 : Dude i took the last beer in the fridge.
Person 2 : You douchebag
Person 1 : if you think im a douchebag, wait till you see what Person 3 did.
Person 3 : I took a dump on your sink thinking it was a toilet and i am not cleaning it.
Person 2: YOU DICKBAG!!!!!
by ^____^ Kekeke April 19, 2011
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A bag containing 36 dicks. No more. No less.


Someone who is 36 times worse than your average dick.
Kevin: Hey Mason, guess what I got you for Christmas?
Mason: What?
Kevin: A dickbag!
Mason: It's just what I've always wanted!


Matt: I fucked you dad.
Mason: You dickbag!
by Barbecued Ribs May 13, 2010
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A mix of someone acting like a douchebag and a dickhead. Therefore, a Dickbag. Meant as an insult, if someone takes it as a compliment, that means they're more fucked up in the brain.
"My ex is such a dickbag for cheating on me"

"that girl really needs to shut up an stop being such a dickbag."

"Why must our teacher be such a dickhead??"
by Country_girl February 25, 2013
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A loud boisterous asshole who also happens to be a huge douchebag.
Hey Guy P., stop being a dickbag you kike!
by Bob Baker NSCHOF July 18, 2015
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Sometimes used as a term for vagina
ed: she has a dickbag like a havasack
by Flobblem February 25, 2009
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a girl normally with a name refering to a tree, that would be more common as a boys name, who constantly makes inappropriate comments and acts in a ridiculous manner.

often known for insulting her so-called friends, although dickbags have very little friends, in a public place but few of these insults are based on fact.
In a shop

"cant believe you lost your V-card at age 6"

(embarrased) "ahhh, your such a dickbag"
by Colebeast January 28, 2011
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