scotum; testicals, balls. The veiny sack attached to the underside of a penis.
DAG cuzzz! I snagged mah dickbag in mah zippa
by hushhush October 2, 2006
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An asshole/roommate, possibly both, that does nothing and takes/uses all your stuff.
Nick Nelson does nothing around the house, smokes all my weed, and uses my shit without asking me. What a freeloading dickbag
by dalstrs7 November 3, 2014
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A Big Dick badass mother fucker. Sexy taste in clothes, watches, shoes, and vehicles. I would do anything for this man
Diet Dickbag: "check out my fancy watch"
Me: "dammmnnnnnn.... if i were a girl id let you play with my twat waffle because of that watch. No homo"
by Michael Ventavo III August 17, 2011
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Someone who is a real jerk or a jackass and is arrogant.
by Roxie Rose August 24, 2015
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A man who is not only an asshole but completely and utterly useless. They are cocky, however, they have absolutely nothing to be cocky about. They typically work minimum wage jobs and throw big ass pity parties every day. This is the kind of man who wears cheap chains, insults people as a hobby, and has a self esteem smaller than his very tiny penis.
The ugly grocery bagger at Walmart cussed me out over nothing! What a dickbag.

My cousin is such a dickbag. He calls me a loser, but he’s a virgin who still lives in his parent’s basement at age 32.
by Cash.mmoney July 26, 2021
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