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Dick or Ball is a game of deception where one person will uncover either there dick or ball, trying to make it look as close as possible to the opposite. You may do anything short of touching the dick/ball in an attempt of figuring out what it is.
Me and bamie \ were playing dick or ball yesterday. boy was i surprised when it turned out she was showing me her balls!
by narkchenik August 29, 2008
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A game in which males that work in a office play. The game consists of 2 or more people in a circle and one guy covers both his dick and ball, show a patch of skin then the others have to guess which.whether a dick or ball, play 9 rounds whoever guessed the right one the most is the queerist
person1:Hey who won the tourney of dickorball this year?
person2:It was jacobson He won by 12 rounds out of 80
person1:What a queer.
person2:I know right.
by SHiFTYEXiLE June 06, 2011
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