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Get out of here. Leave
Mutha fucka better gone fo I kick yo ass!!
by rubberweiner January 10, 2012

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Money sought in the settlement of a car accident injury, weather one was actually hurt or not.....where the claimant usually shows up in court, wearing a neck brace to support his case.
"Jimmy's gonna get some serious neck money from that accident he was in last year."
by rubberweiner June 16, 2020

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Wasting a lot more time than simply "dicking" around, particularly on the job...
"You guys have been dicking and balling around here all morning, now get your asses in gear and get something done !"
by rubberweiner March 06, 2020

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Hey bro, I think I can bang this chick, you got a drizzle bag I can borrow ?
by rubberweiner September 19, 2018

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A baseball player when he's at bat.
For a pitcher,that Bumgarner is one hell of a stick man.
by rubberweiner October 31, 2014

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A metaphor for adjusting to unfamiliar situations
Ken Jennings seems a little clumsy as the new host of Jeopardy. But I think once he gets his sea legs, he'll do just fine.
by rubberweiner January 18, 2021

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