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A fucked up, but very funny song by Adam Sandler from his 1993 album They're All Gonna Laugh at You!.


Put your arms around me baby
Can't you see I need you so
Hold me close against your skin
I'm about to begin
Lovin' you

Spit on your hand and stroke my cock
At a medium pace
Play with my balls and tell me
How big they are
Honey, rub your beaver
Up and down my face
Sit on the corner of the bed
And watch me whack off

You see that shampoo bottle
Now stick it up my ass
Push it in and out
At a medium pace
Talk about your old boyfriend's dick
And how big it was
Now shave off my pubes
And punch me in the face
Whoa darlin'
Make me push my dick and balls
Back between my legs
Call me an ugly woman
And take my picture to show
All the people you work with

Now pull up my scrotum
And take the shampoo bottle
Out of my ass
Pretend I'm the pizza delivery guy
And watch me whack off

Strap on a dildo
And make me give you head
Tell me to slow down
And do it at a medium pace
I feel so humiliated
I'm about to blow my load
You tell me it's time to make love
But now I can't
'Cause I spewed all over myself
Then you look into my eyes
And you realize
How much I enjoy lovin' you
I'm so sorry I spunked on my stomach
Maybe next time I'll be better at lovin' you
Now spit on your hand and stroke my cock at a medium pace.
by ShakeSicle March 07, 2009

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Something Adam Sandler says in his song "At a Medium Pace".
Oh darling, make me push my dick and balls...
Back between my legs
Call me an ugly woman and take my picture
To show all the people you work with...
by ShakeSicle March 16, 2009

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A method of masturbation when you take a towel and a rubber glove and you fold them and it makes a, well... butthole. Then you use lotion to make it more pleasurable.
Jason: I just made a homemade sex toy last night with a towel and rubber glove!
Earl: You mean the towel thing?
by ShakeSicle December 31, 2008

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Someone who slaps asses. The most common occurrence of ass slapping is during sex.
Bill: I slapped Angela's ass while banging her last night!
Fred: You, my friend, are an ass slapper!
by ShakeSicle January 20, 2009

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The old Windows Vista
I just got an upgrade to Vista today after my Windows Me support period ran out.
by ShakeSicle April 20, 2009

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An Alaskan Heatstroke is when you invite a girl over on a chilly fall night for a quiet evening of star gazing, secrets, and herbal tea. You sit her down outside and once the tea boils pour it directly down her throat. When the ensuing scream occurs, stuff your dick down her throat for an extra toasty treat on an cold night.
I gave my girlfriend an Alaskan Heatstroke on the last day of Fall.
by ShakeSicle April 06, 2009

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The titties of kitties.
Eddie: Hey Tony, my kitten keeps sucking on this cat's breast.
Tony: That means that's his mother's kitty titty.
by ShakeSicle January 19, 2009

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