Referring to a black diamond trail on a ski mountain.
Snowboarder 1: Hey man, these trails are way to easy.
Snowboarder 2: Yeah, I'm no gaper. Let's go shred on a diamond.
by bheit December 23, 2009
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A highly sort after Minecraft jewel that causes robloxians to gag in its disgustingness
Holy damb Jimmy Neutron, come look at this hella yeast diamond
by shrek is our lord and saviour October 01, 2018
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The act opon finding the diamonds in minecraft it will make u scream
Person 1: I’m going mining

Person 2: ok
Person one finds diamonds

Person 1 :hdhdisndjdisicjfj
Person 2 : what happened
by Jequise William the third September 07, 2019
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a girl name diamond is a beaufuil , funny loving , and a bit crazy , but will always be there for there famliy , bf, ect
diamond is so bueaful havent u seen here hair
via giphy
by fun loveing April 24, 2018
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there goes the diamond( follows after the diamond but faints before he can touch it)
by 1347455 June 18, 2017
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Diamond is a beautiful girl, she’s the type of girl that you cannot approach because of her beautiful lips, beautiful eyes, beautiful smile and just beautiful everything she’s so majestic and marvelous. Diamond is the type of female that makes you smile no matter what she does and when those beautiful brown eyes look at you there’s this feeling inside your body that just tingles and you want to kiss those juicy ass lips on her face. She can be your everything, your world, your universe and the lock to your key because whenever you get a text from an girl named Diamond your heart just lights up then her voice is the most sexiest and softest thing you’d ever hear. You would want Diamond to be your girlfriend because she just makes you happy no matter what happens you just want to hold her in your arms and never let go.
Diamond is everything you’ll ever imagine.
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