Someone that is precious to you. Someone that has rare qualities.
Toby is such a diamond. He gave me a rose for no reason.
by TINY TINA March 28, 2005
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This is for use when something is beyond brilliant!
"We was down the pub an this chav gets his tracksuit pants ripped off on this nail... he's standin there in his all-together with his London Pride innis hands... it was Diamond!"

"What? She said yes? Diamond m8!"
by George Friendly October 12, 2006
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n. Relatively common mineral, consisting of carbon, which is similar in appearance to zircon or cut glass. Used by the South African based De Beers company as a form of emotional blackmail through clever, original, and socially planted marketing techniques. It is asserted by the De Beers company that a man who is unwilling to waste a huge amount of money for a worthless piece of carbon must not really love his future wife very much.
(See also organic food.)
by Zamzara October 10, 2007
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An over priced old rock that gets you laid until the effect wears off. Bigger is better.
My girlfriend wouldn't have anal sex with me until I gave her a diamond ring.
by jam June 23, 2003
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Shes Really funny and caring and she will fight if someone fucks with her friends she is really loyal and would not dump you for another guys. she has very low self asteem and she thinks shes very ugly but shes not she has beautiful curly brown hair and brown eyes and she always gets complements shes been having thoughts and she thinks to hard about the future but never the past she has alot going on but she will act like shes happy but deep inside shes sad af. But she cares more about her family and friends then she does herself shes a total smart ass also sarcastic that what makes her funny she is a total class clown and is everybodys friend all she has to do is make you laugh and you lover her already
wow diamond is mad funny i would definetly talk to her again
by amybri123 October 12, 2018
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a precious stone consisting of a clear and typically colorless crystalline form of pure carbon, the hardest naturally occurring substance.
a figure with four straight sides of equal length forming two opposite acute angles and two opposite obtuse angles; a rhombus.
"decorative diamond shapes"
a strong gorgeous woman
There's a diamond.
by Schoolbus:) May 31, 2016
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