1) The hardest natural occuring form of the 6th element of the Periodic Table (Carbon). When cut properly it can appear to be very brilliant due its refractive index.
2) A playing field, in the shape of a square, where the corners are bases. Used to play baseball and variations of baseball, like T-Ball, softball, and kickball.
3) A 2D geometric shape with 4 sides of equal length, but with differing perpendicular angles. Actually a rhombus, but commonly called a diamond when a corner instead of a side is at the bottom.
1) It sparkled like diamonds.
2) Let's go to the diamond.
3) Draw a diamond.
by Anonymous June 29, 2003
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A guy who can't get a girl because all of them decide to claim him as a best friend. Every chick claims he's attractive, but every chick says there is someone out there for him. Probably not though.
Girl: This is my best friend Kell
Kell: Well I wanted to get on, but I'm obviously a diamond.
by Kell Lee October 09, 2009
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For anybody who has a penis, it's whenever you see something that makes you extremely erect/rock hard.
"Man, that doujinshi made me diamonds."
by tetsuhikokariya September 10, 2015
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Known as girls' best friend
Girl: Honey can you buy that diamond ring for me?
Mike: No!
Girl: Cheapass povo SOB!
by mysterious_writa September 25, 2004
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A guy who ditches all his friends to fall in love with the first girl he sees. In most cases you will go months at a time without seeing him, but he will make facebook appearences stating his dying love for this girl. Every 4 minutes.
Ya, Thad saw that girl at the party, she was hefty and he's still being a Diamond.

Did you see Eric's post on facebook, I was hoping it wasnt so but we wont be seeing much of that Diamond anymore.

You think that chick turned Roy into a Diamond?
by Ryan Yeagggggglleeeyy May 04, 2013
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To describe when something is beyond cool, beyond ligit, or just precious.
"DUDEE! That jacket is sooo diamond;"

"Man, that girl Nina's so diamond..."

"Yeah then Mr. Rosenau totally fell down the stairs and smashed his face!"
"Hahahhaha, that's diamond."
by Crackkbaby February 13, 2008
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