Dharma is a very outgoing person, who loves to meet new people! She is always down to do literally anything and never hesitates to have fun. She is someone who will truly care for you and always be there when times get hard. Dharma is that one friend you don’t need to see for several months, and will still act like you saw each other yesterday, without things getting awkward. Her laugh will make you laugh, even though the joke was boring.
“Never ever underestimate an dharma

“If it’s a true friend you’re looking for, then befriend a dharma!”
by Blue37 February 9, 2020
The name Dharma is usually for the most amazing people commonly a girls name one who’s is beyond beautiful and deserves the world if you ever find a girl named Dharma keep her in your life
Guy 1: who is that she’s beautiful
Guy 2: that’s Dharma
by Echo dad November 19, 2018
based on the idea that everything in the universe is causally linked. All things are composite things, that is, they are composed of several elements. Because all things are composite, they are all transitory, for the elements come together and then fall apart. It is this transience that causes human beings to sorrow and to suffer. We live in a body, which is a composite thing, but that body decays, sickens, and eventually dies, though we wish it to do otherwise. Since everything is transient, that means that there can be no eternal soul either in the self or in the universe. This, then, is the eternal truth of the world: everything is transitory, sorrowful, and soulless–the three-fold character of the world.
by Anonymous May 13, 2003
so basically Dharma is when you make fun of someone and you instantly regret it.
by wasd_wasd October 12, 2021
A situation that gives spiritual or personal growth by observing the life and events of another
A death of a young child. It's life was too short to offer great spiritual growth for that child, but to the parents they could have learned something valuable from the child in it's short time here thus enhancing their own spiritual growth. The child's life was Dharma for the parents.
by AlabasterLF November 27, 2010
a character in the sitcom Dharma and Greg, about a guy called Greg who lives with Buddha.
Not to be confused with another similarly named sitcom.
by Hazhar January 1, 2005
A girl who is very funny, pretty and amazing at sports.
Wow Dharma can work a field and she’s really nice
by perdoquedro February 11, 2018