5 definitions by wasd_wasd

Toby fox's game that finally came out and now were all playing it
Ron: hey, have you played deltarune chapter 2 yet???
Mark: no I haven't, is it fun?
Ron: yea
by wasd_wasd October 1, 2021
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so basically Dharma is when you make fun of someone and you instantly regret it.
by wasd_wasd October 12, 2021
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makes videos of people being bullied like kids with down syndrome or a different race and people end up instantly regretting it.
hey dhar mann fam. we bully people who are different from me, for example people with autism, disabled, and different race.
by wasd_wasd October 13, 2021
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Basically a fan made deltarune with me and my friends ... me and one of my friends are doing all the work
Alleyrune is cool ... it would be cool if we could make an actual game of it
by wasd_wasd November 4, 2021
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