To upload receipts and invoices to
Could you dext that receipt to me please?
by Shnwocown123 February 25, 2021
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A text message containing a picture of homosexual man on man action or simply a picture of a naked man.

The recipient of a dext should be heterosexual and would not enjoy receiving the picture.
Aww god damnit, look at this dext Joel sent me. It's another picture of a guys cock.
by DanS01234 February 20, 2013
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Dext, or Dexting. It stands for dribble text(ing).

The act of txting someone half conscious, either late at night or really early in the morning, then re-reading the text the next morning and thinking WHAT?! i sound like a dribbler!
Hey Loren, sorry for that Dext last night.. I sound like a right Dribbling retard for texting that.. i couldnt even work out how to read your text, let alone text you back that late at night!
by x Klamtastic x September 11, 2009
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i really shouldn't be DEXTING, one of theses days im gonna be in a pile up on the highway because i wasn't focusing on the road.
by TheTrevster May 11, 2012
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Drunk texted. When you receive such a fucked up text, you KNOW it came from a drunk dialer.
Haha, no way! I just saw her out at the dive bar. You've been dexted yo.
by IvanaCock June 14, 2011
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To dump/break up with, over text or SMS.
She is so rude. She just changed her facebook status on me, and I never saw her again. After two years of being together, she could have at least had the common courtesy to dext me.
by cc-$ July 8, 2009
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a.) dating via text messaging: Dexting is most often practiced by males for whom actual dating is unfeasible and by nature the dexting relationship is invariably one-way. When asked, the female in the dexting relationship will be aloof to her "dexter"'s intentions and advances. Men most likely to be dexters are worm farmers, trekkies, and unemployed "artists".
(based on a true dexting experience)
dexter: Good morning beautiful
girl: lol...we haven't even met
dexter: i know u r tho
(8 hours later)
dexter: what are you doing
girl: hanging out w my friend
dexter: oh i see
(16 hours later)
dexter: So are you just not interested?! or do you dislike me or did i do something wrong?! I don't understand you.
girl: what?!
dexter: i can tell you're too wrapped up in yourself. It would never have worked between us.
by Vanheezy18 December 30, 2011
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