a true "exchange". a giving and taking and then giving and taking between two men from the Pacific Northwest. times that are remembered, but never shared.
two men giving/taking and giving/taking for pleasure/pain (i.e. "The I" and "Leon"
by Ira Gerlich December 11, 2004
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1. A guy who doesn't sit and screw around.
2. A guy who takes action and doesn't just sit and twidle his thumbs talking about it.
See, you took care of it. That's why you're the man of action.
by Man Of Action February 14, 2005
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A man of action. Whenever it is, wherever you are, Action Man will be there to make sure the roads are clear of obstructions. He will perform any task if is an emergency, but dont ask him to do anything that isnt... He is a man of action, a man in the now, he is Action Man...

...The GREATEST hero of them ALL!
What Up, Officer?" "Thank God, its Action Man, the roads will be clear from danger and now the gas tank wont explode!
by Keitherine February 7, 2011
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A man who participates in macho activities.
by VAKI5 August 17, 2003
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Male wrist action, usually by males that play with action men. Usually used in a negitive sense to bring shame upon the "man of action" at the time.
by Kow_Patt November 12, 2004
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Action Man head is an unfortunate stage during growing back hair from being really short. Eg. After shaving of a Mohawk. The hair reaches a stage where it is longer than it was but still too short to do anything with. The result means the bearers head, closely resembles that of an action man doll, both in terms of look and feel.
Aw dude, I really regret shaving off my Mohawk, I've totally got action man head

Have you seen Dan lately, he's tired of being a skinhead and he's growing his hair back in, he's totally got action man head.
by Riotsolu May 5, 2013
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Our lord and savior. The icon himself. The best actions to have ever actioned. He's still running away from the police but shhhhhhhhh-

he also has a superhero movie /hj
AY is that Mr. Actions Man?! WOWIE *donates soul*
by EmergencyfoodChia April 10, 2021
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