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Southern Comfort 100 proof also known as the big bottle. Known for making people do rediculous audacious things they would not otherwise do while drinking regular alcohol or if they were sobber. Everybody that has encountered this drink has a story.
Man did u c that girl after she drank the devil juice? She smashed her head on the curb jumped in the back of the truck and popped up like she was posessed by the devil
by J Fresh Reed February 06, 2010
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1 liter of 190 proof grain liquor
2 bottles of fruit punch flavored sports drink.
2 cans of energy drink.

Will make you fearless and feel no pain.
I was so shit-housed, fucked-in-half, retarded drunk on devil juice, I was thrown out of 4 clubs.
by Weston LeFevre May 09, 2006
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Sometimes used in reference to alcoholic beverages. Anything containing alcohol.

Beer, Liquor, Liqueur, Etc.
"Satan makes the Devil Juice!!!"

"Hi my name is Betsy, and I am a Devil Juice-aholic."

"Don't be so scared of Devil Juice!!! What's wrong with you???"
"Maybe because its from the Devil... makes sense doesn't it? Well, to a care-full thinker..."
by Betsy Devil555 August 13, 2011
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