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(1) The Georgia's slogan, as of - January 5th 2021.
(2) A popular slogan in support for Raphael Warnock.
Republican voters: 'I am voting for a blond-haired blue-eyed robot billionaire.'

Democrat voters: Vote on lock for Warnock.
by EmJayee January 6, 2021
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(1) A very small likeliness of something happening
(2) Little to no chance
Friend:From 1 to 100 what's the likeliness of me Jumping the Shark
by EmJayee February 8, 2019
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(1) A term to describe the bias that liberals have for women
(2) A term to describe the feminazis that are usually liberal
If you believe that it's okay for a woman to kill her child but not for a man to leave his child you're a Femiocrats
by EmJayee February 5, 2018
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(1) A Rundown Italian Neighborhood usually in heavy reference to the poverty situation in Italy where 1 and 10 Italian youth is in poverty and half of people in southern Italy are at the risk of poverty
When I visited Italy I seen a lot of smut Hut and gave many homeless people cash and food
by EmJayee October 18, 2017
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A YouTuber who uploads 3 to 5 videos a day to make as much YouTube AdSense as possible usually not quality or up the Smurf videos average at best
Mundanematt is a Spam Youtube Channel
by EmJayee January 22, 2019
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(1) Gay Black Person

(2) A black person that supports gay rights

(3) a black person usually a black male or dyke sag their pants
Hater:Your pro black and you don't support gay rights you're a homophobe and you hate me gay black people

Me: why should I support them what have the gay done for me you rainbow Sambo
by EmJayee October 15, 2017
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A name that pokes fun of California's extremely high tax rate.
It cost $5 for a KitKat, yep, that's Taxafornia for you.
by EmJayee May 18, 2022
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