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(1) Nazi ideology of blond hair and blue eyed
(2) Fair to pale flowing long straight hair light eyes tall (Especially If They're Nordic) Flawless Spotless Skin
European Standard Of Beauty is so strong in India and South Africa that they bleach their skin and wear contacts
by EmJayee December 11, 2018
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The sound a fart makes while you're in a toilet.
I'm sick of this boy, Toilet-tubeing, It's like a disgusting opera of fart.
by EmJayee April 27, 2022
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(1) A name that is a spin-off of the city of Toronto which is the headquarters of the OVO sweatshop and where Drake "Took" Your Style,Flow,Lyrics Beat etc.

(2)A name to describe the high likeliness that in Toronto somebody will steal or you'll be "tooken" advantage of while you're in the city
Tookronto was the location where Drake stole my lyrics after I made his own reference track so I can be hired in the OVO sweatshop
by EmJayee January 21, 2019
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(1) The act of frivolously trying to get under somebody skin but failing miserably
(2) Failing To Trigger A Person
(3) trying to hurt a person only to realize that you're more helping them than hurting them
Nancy Reagan's" Just Say No" campaign help to publicize and give free publicity
to drug dealers rather than discourage people from using drugs because before the campaign most people weren't using drugs from get go but it made the non drug users look "uncool" and "ostracized" it was like Torturing The Pain Junkie
by EmJayee November 10, 2018
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Pre Internet Publications (such as Newspapers Magazines Billboards Pin Buttons Newsletters Posters Mail Poster Cards Gift Cards TV)
by EmJayee April 1, 2019
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Outside in the real world a regular bunk bed is 2 beds stacked on each other while in prison they have triple bunks

to save Room
Bunk bed-2
Triple Bunk-3
by EmJayee January 6, 2020
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(1) A term coined by Sargon of akkad Carl Benjamin As a response to him defending his rape comments

(2) Any person who gets notification gain by remarking are talking about people whether it be a negative or positive way ( i.e Gossip Blogger Paparazzi News Reporter)
by EmJayee June 2, 2019
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