A Hanarism, often spoken in a norfolk accent, usually repeated one after the other.
Your joking me?...no Your joking me?
by *Alex* April 21, 2005
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When your high and under the influence of cannabis and somebody does something which is funny. That person is then jokes.
Sophie fell over when she was high and Evie said your jokes
by Your jokes man November 1, 2019
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Your mom jokes are not funny nor do people laugh at them. They are dumb and no one likes you if you make Your mom or Yo mama jokes.
Dumb Your Mom Jokes example: Q “Does anyone know where Justin Bieber is?”
A “In your mom/yo mama
by coolkid2008 June 9, 2021
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Something people who are retarded, and don't have any comebacks and suck at life, so they respond with "ur mom"
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totally stupid jokes that begin with "your mom/momma is so..." then followed by stupid or fat or old. people who say these are usually fat stupid assholes who act several years younger than they really are
idiot: Your mom's so stupid, she saw a tire on the road and said 'Ding Dong'!! HA HA HA
mature person: right back at ya, fat ass!
by bleep March 13, 2005
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Your mom is so stupid she sold her car for gas money

Your mom joke:
Sean: Hey, John!!! Your mom is so ugly she made one direction run the other direction
John: *Laughing because he truly knows his mom looks like ass* Your Mom Jokes are stupid!!! Hah sike
by Andrew Cuthbert December 17, 2019
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