the act or description who bums all kinds of goods ie. food and ciggarettes
Quit detoxing my stoagees kid.
by Sanchez February 13, 2004
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The holy grail of hip hop. Some believe that it doesn't even exist. Legend has it that the greatest hip hop producer of all time dr. dre will someday release his monumentous third album Detox and singlehandedly save hip hop music from the pure and utter crap it has become.
believer: please release Detox Dr. Dre and save us from the snap and the motorcycle dance.
non-believer: it will never happen. We are doomed.
by drumac December 9, 2007
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A drink or pill that cleans your system to pass a drug test. It usually needs to be taken a week in advance.
Drink detox to pass a drug test for a job
by rachel :) March 3, 2006
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1) to relax or enlighten by removal of alcohol or a drug, especially to the point where physical and mental control is markedly regained 2) to relax or depress to the point of apathy or calmness
related: detoxicated, detoxication
After a night of heavy boozing and smoking he decided to detoxicate and started pounding water.
by curtis gardner July 22, 2008
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an upcoming album by hip hop artist dr. dre rumored to be so epic that its said to be hip-hop's finest album.

unfortunately its been hinted to have somewhere between 10-14 tracks meaning dre spent roughly 9 months per track, which is more than most motion pictures, hence the endless wait.
many clues point to a December 22, 2012 release date..good luck getting a hold of one!
man 1: i want my detox copy mang!
man 2: wow you really want that CD huh
man 1: are you kidding? i would step over my own mother for it!
man 2: looks like you'll have to, cuz it comes out 12-22-2012
man 1: move over maw!
by sal lover December 17, 2009
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The most rumored/hyped cd in all of hip-hop. If the one and only ,Dr. Dre, ever releases this soon to be piece of history the whole game will shut down for a while. If it falls any short of an orgasm in musical form, it will be considered a fail. That is how much hype is behind this album.
Will Hit stores in 2009 because of his dedication to Eminem and 50 Cent. They are all releasing their final albums, aka "the three-headed monster of 09"
(Person 1) Are you going to buy Detox? I heard its coming out next month!
(Person 2) Oh really? I just heard that it got delayed for another 2 years..
(Person 1) Oh yeah.. Dammit dre..
by The Doc Himself December 27, 2008
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an album that is going to never come out.
steve: when is dre's detox coming out?

dave: sometime between 2003 and the end of the world
by stevey davey December 19, 2008
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