When you're extremely insecure, overweight and unnatractive. You can't get attention from women in real life because of your ugly looks so you go on myspace and online dating sites to try to get attention because you're so fat and hideous.
Vitale was so desperate for attention and sex starved from women he went on myspace and solicited underage girls. How desperate.
by jimne3 April 21, 2008
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Texting someone ten minutes after you got their number.
"I gave her my number like ten minutes ago, and she's already texted me....."

"dude, forget her. She's just desperate."
by mnmshead April 10, 2013
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Having a strong feeling of desperation or doing super desperate things in a super desperate way.
We desperationing.😔🤚🏽~Indira Brown
by Indira Brown October 13, 2019
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When horny males over the age of 16 follow and hook up with girls of the age of 14 and under because they cant get anyone their own age.
male #1: dude lets sneak out to jenna's house tonight! i hear shes having a sleep over with her friends so there will be plenty of underage chicks to go around!

male #2: niceee man im in!

male#3: I havent gotten any in a month! im desperate!
by yankeesfan22000 July 25, 2009
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Being head over heels in love, but in with a specific person..
Magnolia (1999) Quote: Quiz Kid Donnie Smith: I really do have love to give; I just don't know where to put it.
by LoXaPine October 10, 2004
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