Someone that sleeps around with half of their people in their town, and gets married in their early 20s and has kids at a young age. Someome that rushes into things.
Amy: that girl is so desperate to have kids at a young age.

Sally: dang she's desperate.
by Kamiko Yamaguchi April 21, 2016
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drinking your own urine while on ecstasy, meth,ketamine,mushrooms,acid to prolong the experience. drinking another person's urine scores you +10 crackhead points.
Ecstasy is rapidly broken down by the liver but about 60% enters the urine unchanged. The urine could be drunk to recycle it, in the same way that Siberian tribesmen drink each other's urine after eating magic mushrooms. This is known in most circles as 'desperate'
by theinfamous84 November 06, 2008
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1.when i see a guy quoting steven segal to impress a girl and actually scoring.
- I'm gonna kick your ass.- says he
- Promise? - and smiles
by namibe January 20, 2005
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Emily Wood. The whore who will bring anyone down to her level so she's not alone. She will suck any dude's dick for attention, but nobody wants her anyways.
Dude, Emily Wood is so desperate. Do you think she'd blow me no strings attached?
Definitely not. She'd want to be in a relationship with you.
Dumb whore.
by ihateeverybody. June 16, 2010
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apparantly definitions have to be 20 letters or 30 words, which really sucks so lets just say that this little blurb didn't happen, i want to have the effect of just having "raj"
raj is really desperate
by raj October 30, 2004
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The guy named "Damn" who plays Cards Against Humanity online and constantly asks people to suck his dick.
"Did you see Damn asking Craze to suck his dick? Bitch be desperate."
by Chuck L Meyer August 31, 2015
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