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A convenient anagram of 'a rope ends it'.
No other cure for desperation.
by MadTom August 12, 2004
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Syndicated New Zealand comic strip drawn by Murray Ball during the 1970s and 1980s. Set on a rural New Zealand farm run by Wallace Footrot, or "Wal" for short, his family, and his dog (who is really the main character of the strip).

The material of the strip often hinges on agricultural oddities of New Zealand, and is less philosophically or intellectually inclined than Bogor, another popular New Zealand strip.

Though much of the humour is semi-dependent on an acquaintance with New Zealand farming culture, it is otherwise highly readable.

One of the strip's gimmicks is that the actual name of the dog, which he evidently despises, is never revealed (it's more interesting than it sounds). Even when the real dog on which he was based was laid to rest in 2001, Ball refused to divulge his real name.
"You can tell the difference between summer rain and winter rain by the way the stock behaves. Especially Wal."
by MadTom September 24, 2004
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Abbreviation for 'game creation system'. Examples range from ASCII games such as ZZT to more elaborate examples such as RPG Maker 2000.
"I've found a new GCS ... I haven't made anything in it, yet."
by MadTom September 23, 2004
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An enigmatic figure, apparently of some history on the internet. zzo38 has featured in numerous internet circles, including the ZZT community and Something Awful. Despite high levels of competence in a great many facets of web-based programming and other areas of general computer knowledge, he remains completely unable to correctly spell the words 'avatar' and 'picture'.

He is still active, having recently appeared on Z2 and has even produced a ZZT game entitled Aksana ZZT, but his true identity remains a mystery to which only a select few on the website claim to be privy.
"I hav a WikiWeb program on mi web site, now ad sum stuf about ZZT in ther to! And enybudy can edit it and enter new documentasens and stuf"
by MadTom September 23, 2004
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