When one does something that deserves extreme kudos such as fucking your tenth grade math teacher.
On South Park, when the police were told that Ike was having sex with his kindergarten teacher, the cops' only response was "niceee."
by Jonathon Pope January 10, 2008
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Another one of Heathers words. When something is done or said and it "nice" isnt coolio enough we must go to using "niceee" instead.
When Justin tells Heather that he loves tacos her responcse was "haha niceeee and ur right "niceee" is in the urban dictionary lol."
by kujawapowa July 15, 2010
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A way of showing excitement on a very large scale!
Wooow! what a niceee !!!
by IDC_IL_MABE June 30, 2022
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