1. To find the point where it came from, to take the derivative
2. To torture (method used by Calculus teachers)
Don't drink and derive.
by Dragix November 13, 2006
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Nonsensical and cumbersome discussion using arguments mostly derived from other people's work with little to no real understanding of the context.
Don't bore me with your derivative drivel on the subject you know very little about
by coldplasma January 15, 2017
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The deindustrialization of a nation's economy that occurs when Wall Street financiers use fictitious capital to finance highly leveraged speculative investments of astronomically high risk that simultaneously devalue the nation's currency and destroy its productive capacity by stifling credit to the real economy.
Those fuckers on Wall Street have plundered our booty and given us all a scorching case of derivative disease
by kiwi_david June 2, 2010
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(FINANCE) a financial instrument whose value is tied to something else; for example,

* a futures contract (future)

* an option

* a swap

In each of these examples, the value of the derivative is related in some way to the price of something else. When the market price of (say) an ounce of gold goes from $1000/oz to $1050/oz, the return to the owner of 1 oz. of actual gold is 5%. But for the owner of a call option or a future, the return is much, much greater than that.

A derivative can be used to multiply risk AND potential profits to speculators; but it can be used for the counterparty to minimize risk by locking in prices, or by hedging against risk.
The economic crisis of 2008 has really focused attention on the financial derivative market.
by Abu Yahya April 5, 2010
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What generally spews of the mouth of a calculus student when they have no fucking clue what all the squiggly lines mean and don't happen to be Asian.
"Do you need help"
"yes, what is the derivative of fuck"
by Not A freaking Asian math nerd November 26, 2013
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A lesser known Calculus term, literally meaning a sudden change in acceleration, or a "jerk".
School Playground Bully: "Shut the fuck up and gimme yo money. And yo lunch, nigga."
Poor Playground Nerd: "Um, no hey! YOU shut up, you third derivative!"
<School Playground Bully runs away squealing like a little girl.>
by Leah November 26, 2003
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When one receives fellatio while completing a derivative of the first degree or higher.
My math teacher gave me the best oral derivative for this problem.
by war4hire March 1, 2008
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