The boundaries placed on an individual's future by said individual's socioeconomic birth status.
Thanks to derived artificial predestination, Chad never really had a choice but to end up working for his father's textile company.
by Nate L. March 31, 2008
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RDN was voiced by Bill Maher on Real Time (5/21/10). Synonymous with PDN (see PDN - Proctologically Derived Number; previously posted to Urban Dictionary); numbers, statistics, budgets, etc. derived from and consisting solely of voluminous fecal accumulation, frequently embellished with politics.
The Catholic Church's tally of child sexual abuse cases committed by its clergy is a constipated RDN (Rectally Derived Statistics).
by hydrogeo May 22, 2010
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The funniest pick up line ever made. It works really well, as I've used it on several occasions. The most notable of which was when i got with this really hot chick named Steve.
by Nick Shatan April 4, 2007
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A response to today's stimuli based on previous events. Something that will impact decisions later in life.
The fighting he experienced early in his life created derivative behavior, that resulted in a successful MMA career.
by Dr. Ragathon October 23, 2013
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