something that is not necessarily popular originally yet rapidly gains popularity due to the fact of being referenced to something else that is already popular
A Star Wars version of Gangam Style being a viral derivative received an enormous 2M+ views within a week, immediately after the original Gangam Style video hit the world record of YouTube views and likes.
by ultrabutter December 26, 2012
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a calculus term also called "the jerk"; it is a nerdy way to tell someone off.
person one: "you smell like feet."

person two: "Golly, person one, you can be such a third derivative."
by Kimfinn May 1, 2008
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Jimmy: Mr. Herrig said to use the definition of a derivative to solve the question.
Anna: That’s for losers, just use the power rule
by Illumination87 October 25, 2019
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(FINANCE) a financial derivative whose underlying asset is a stock. The simplest kinds include the equity swap and the option.

As opposed to currency derivatives, interest rate derivatives, commodity derivatives, and so on. An equity swap typically involves an "equity side" of the transaction AND something else, like interest rates or oil prices.

Equity derivatives can be written on indices (e.g., the S&P 500, the FTSE-100, NASDAQ) as well as on stocks. In fact, they are often bought "out of the money" by mutual fund managers as insurance against a catastrophic decline in the fund value.
One other reason that poison pills are back in favor is the growth of synthetic equity derivative swap transactions, where a “short party” agrees to pay a “long party” the cash flows from a particular amount of a target company’s stock. In exchange, the long party agrees to pay a fee and to cover any decrease in the market value of the stock ... Through such transactions, a long party can suddenly become a significant stockholder of a target company without warning.

--Dykema Gossett & Andrew H. Connor "The poison pill resurgence," Lexology (15 March 2010)
by Abu Yahya April 15, 2010
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Fucking goated player that is in team derive and should deserve 100mill subs❤️
Look at derive strawbz he’s a goat
by Stealth ando October 21, 2019
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sexual act resulting in an orgasm
Unable to persuade is bedmate to engage in lovemaking he tried to ply out of her an agreement for a sexual derivative instead.
by yalebno February 4, 2010
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A complex algorithm that is often associated with the Marina Web (Level 5 Web); needed to access said web. The Marina Web is the deepest part of the internet and is only rumored to exist. (It has been said that 80% of the Internet exists here.) It has been called the "Vatican Secret Archives" of the web. Containing archives of Historical documents, Government secrets, plans, records, ETC... However the computing power/knowledge needed to process and compute the algorithm is quantum computing. Which is still in its early stages and takes use of the quantum-mechanical phenomena. Many often write it off as a hoax however no evidence proofing or dis-proofing exists. An anomaly was discovered by super deep web scans in the early 2000's.
by 11.3500° N, 142.2000° E February 24, 2015
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