John Dericks are smart, funny, handsome, and the type of person who you want to be around. They would typically have a contagious laugh and can make you laugh just by being there. They love eating, spending time with loved ones, and having fun. John Dericks tend to speak before they think and may lead to them saying something that may offend you, or just may be a little dumb.
"Oh he's funny, his name must be John Derick"
by anonymous152666 April 1, 2019
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When a person is being sly about what they are up to with the opposite sex. Not telling anyone about who they are contacting/seeing.

Snake Derick signs;
-Fake excuses why they can't come out.
-Hiding text messages from others.
-Shifty eyes and cheeky grin when quizzed on the nature of whom they are texting.
-Lying about what they are up to when asked.

Basically being a slimey slithering snake in the long grass when it comes to trying to get with someone from the opposite sex.
Me."Yo Lauri, who you texting over there?"

Lauri."No one" {shifty eyes and cheeky grin}

Me. "What you mean no one, your clearly texting someone, you snake derick!"

Lauri. {Shifty eyes and cheeky grin}

Me. "Cunt"
by Iplegend April 12, 2008
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Derick Chan is the most annoying dude he steals your stuff but he is kind an nice :)
you:hey Derick Chan why did you steal my car
Derick Chan:oh so sorry here have money and the car back
by temmieflakes69 June 24, 2019
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Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris fused together like in Dragonball Z where two people fuse together and unite their powers.
Who would win in a Mexican standoff between Derick Klarris and Eric and Dylan? Stay tuned for more when Ultimate cage match showdown returns.
by NotTheIdentityThief July 17, 2018
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is when a girl fingers herself and puts cum on his eyes...; when a guy poos and takes a little with his fingers and puts it in the belly button...
you totally dirty derick your man
by your mom's mom's mom's dad's January 11, 2009
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Definition of Derick Truong, an awesome hard working spirited boy whose hopes and dreams are closer than ever before!
Boy 1: Yo have you heard of "Derick Truong"?

Boy 2: Yes I heard he is very smart and educated!
by LenZAquatics August 28, 2020
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