Derick is a guy who will forget your birthday but cant stay mad hes so cute. He is a lil slow at times because he is always smoked out. He wont love you. Only loves me tho only me. He likes hellcats and is spoiled. Will lag for no reason but will always make it up to you with kisses. Get you a Derick
is that derick?
he has a nice hellcat
by 1takejay January 7, 2021
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A pick me boy asshole, that’s moved on way to damn fast. He not only moves on too fast but he moves to fast in relationships. He will take your virginity and tell you that you are “lose”
“Bro, I heard Derick likes you. You should stay away from him.”
by Pickle_queen March 28, 2021
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A guy name Derick is someone is likely to forget your birthday. And not love you but overall a good person. Always smoked out. He will break your heart not once not twice but three times but will be sorry and you have to forgive him for his stupidness. But you should always love a Derick even when he forgets your birthday or even when hes smoked out hes still cute.
Is that derick?

Yeah hes smoked out
by 1takejay January 7, 2021
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"would u like to add on a derick to what you're having?"

"derick would compliment that splendidly."

"derick is on special today only $2.95 gst inc."
by yidaco February 13, 2009
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spots with pussy white heads, often found in clusters. DO NOT EAT. Usually associated with eric or norman
Geffrey is covered in dericks, they show through his catsuit when he runs.
by boc, boc, boc on a tree November 30, 2003
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