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Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris fused together like in Dragonball Z where two people fuse together and unite their powers.
Who would win in a Mexican standoff between Derick Klarris and Eric and Dylan? Stay tuned for more when Ultimate cage match showdown returns.
by NotTheIdentityThief July 17, 2018
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Like redundancy but involving magic. A redundant magic spell like turning a fork into a knife for two seconds then back into a fork so the spell is really quite useless and redundant. Redundant Necromancy would be another example whereby the spell turns a dead being living but then dead again.
Sabrina the teenage witch; her magic is often redundmancy as it really doesnt serve her any good anyway, better if she didn't use it tbh. Then they could rename the show to Sabrina the Normal Teenage Girl. I'd prefer to watch that one
by NotTheIdentityThief July 17, 2018
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Nobody asked you to write this definition. It just sort of happened you know?
Nobody asked you to do that. Nobody told you to do that.
by NotTheIdentityThief August 14, 2018
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Said when an answer is unknown.
This nobody guy sure knows a lot of stuff. Nobody really knows how though.
Its a mystery .. I guess nobody knows.
by NotTheIdentityThief July 17, 2018
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Not definite. Undefined. Ambiguous. Not clear or understandable. Incomprehensible.
Indefinite period of time is an arbitrary length of time with no clear beginning or end. Could be eternal.
by NotTheIdentityThief July 17, 2018
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The last word audible for human history I think but not too sure. Need to double check.
by NotTheIdentityThief July 17, 2018
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