will make you fall in love with them way too quickly that you’ll seriously question your sanity

but it’s okay, because they’ll be one of the most esquisite humans you’ll ever meet
deric, why don’t you spell your name with a k??

by ididityourewelcome September 19, 2018
A Person, Usually Smarter than crap, who will do anything to prove you wrong, even at his own expense, just in spite of you.
Joe "He bough that $20,000 car to beat him in a race?"

Bob "What a Deric."
by Zanasabitch May 14, 2009
When a man is who gifted with voluptuous full lips goes down on you. He presses his lips together while blowing through them thus making a motorboat sounds. So basically motorboating a vagina
I'm so glad I married Tim He gives me a dirty Deric everytime we have sex .
by The first and only D.A. September 29, 2021
Deric Farris is defined as a man with the intentions of finding some one to hold and love not sexually but emotionally. A Deric Farris is usually defined as a sad and lonely man who has the moral value of a man born in a different detention whose value aren't relative to those of the current time. Deric is mostly seen as a man, who at his very core is devastated and depressed, is mostly seen as a goof ball and is not taken seriously at all.
That man sure is quite the deric farris being a goof ball over there all by himself, with friends.
by T011 March 16, 2015
Deric’s balls kept getting smashed between his legs.
by D Slam March 4, 2021
Deric is a name that only bitches have. I'm telling you all derics are the worst people you can meet they are so annoying they will drive you crazy
Are you deric ?
Ye nigger get lost
by Mattija December 20, 2021