a really hyper 6 year old boy who's really obsessed with space, and has a twin sister.
he cares way too much about what you think of him and will cry if you insult him.
he also thinks aliens are real, but shhh don't tell him the truth.
"oh hey! look over there, it's our buddy Denver!"
"Denver was just telling me facts he knows about space!"
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by Dev?? April 19, 2019
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An imbecilic ugly soyboy that women usually resort to when they don't want to get their hearts broken.
Girl 1: Huhuhu, he left me over that hoe.

Girl 2: I suggest the next time that you'll engage in a relationship, find yourself a Denver, kung gusto mong lumigaya ang iyong buhay.
by Thotslayer slayer slayer December 11, 2018
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A bad a** mother f*cker who is an average guy who gets all the women!
by Bobby hernandezzzz January 08, 2012
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Opening that Tiffany box your boyfriend gave you for your birthday, only to find a steaming pile of hangover shits inside.
by whydidimovehere April 04, 2016
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This person is one of the most handsome person and charming personality... Girls find him tooo Hottt.. most of the guys are attracted to him as well ,he's smart and does well in academics, this person is gifted with a great voice and people love to listen to him sing and has great musical knowledge.. he loves to hangout and jam , and attend choirs... Hes emerges victorious in most of his competitions..he has a great group of friends and loves to hangout with thrm.. he's kinda of a person who's into vehicles tooo loves bikes cars and animals too .. this person will choose a mango juice over alcohol ultimately the best and most loving person to be with ...
Heyyy Denver is soo cute ....I wish I could date him
by Saccygirl69 January 11, 2018
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Home of rappers Young Doe, Interstate Ike and Black Pegasus, also home to Mexicans, Salvadorians, trailer park trash, Ski Bums, Black Nationalists, wild gangsters, Wangstas, Pot Heads, Yuppies, and College Kids. Contrary to popular belief We are not in the Midwest, we are more like Westmid we are not a white majority city. We know our directions because the mountains are west and betta belive we got the best green between NY and Cali. We are the drunkest and crunkest city in the United States of America (You can see that first hand downtown Thursday - Sunday). Our Mayor decided to build a airport in the middle of nowhere and our ass hole pigs kill about an average of 5-10 of us for no reason every year....But I love it here and if you dont feel free to kill your self cause I rep the 303 to the fullest!
Read the Infared across ya head Im bred king like simba/
Bolder (Boulder) than Denver I aint a mad rapper just an MC wit a Temper! - Common "Get 'Em High"
by Kid Wave August 15, 2008
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