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A Black/Latino nieghboorhood in Denver, Colorado often refered to as the Bellos, or just Bellside. Home of the Montbello Warriors. From Peoria to Chambers up to 56th nigguhs hold the turf down. Home of Rappers Interstate Ike, Hawkman and Young Doe all hail from the 56th and are certified G' square niggas will neva see us....Jello hatin ass niggas
Yup nigguh Im dro'd out bellsiding like theys NO TODAY MY NIG! WHY HATE MONTBELLO?!
by YuNG BlitZ August 09, 2008
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A Denver suburban area that attracts lower middle class families and minorities. Often referred to as "Montghetto" and a "Piece of shit hood" by former president Theodore Roosevelt.
"Hey man, can you pick me up?" - Montbello resident
"Yeah, where at?" - Uber driver
"Montbello" - Montbello resident
"I ain't going to fucking Montghetto nigga" - Uber driver
by bellside nnigga April 04, 2017
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