The mile high city. Has a nice downtown and expensive housing. Home to the 303 gang as well as outsider gangs that moved in. People use pot and shrooms are decriminalized. Best neigborhoods are park hill, wash park, and sloans lake. Lohi is full of yuppies and stapleton is full of soccer moms. Most of the schools are messed up, but a few are good. The burb families just clog up I-70. Go to elitch's and water world.
in denver
East high school kid: wanna meet up to finish the home work?
meanwhile at McAuliffe middle school:
McAuliffe kid 1: Wanna crush up smarties and snort them?
McAuliffe kid 2: We lit!
by mkjnbhy February 25, 2020
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Denver the most handsome guy anyone could ever meet. He is sweet and charming. He loves pizza and a Denver’s eyes are typically green and brown. Denver’s are confident, have a ted bit of anger issues, but are very protective. They make great boyfriends and an ever better husband. Denver’s are itsasistable to other girls and everyone is trying to get at him. Denver’s normally don’t cheat. Denver’s are born in April and have amazing personalities.
“Did you see that Denver kid”
“Yeah.. omg HES so hot!”

Denvers, great boyfriends, even better husbands
by 1mR3@| September 19, 2018
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the most amazing guy on earth. he's sweet, kind, gentle, super funny, and sexy.
Denver is more than you're average joe.
by dawandecg September 08, 2011
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A DENVER is known for being the smallest kid of the group but the strongest and also known to take down kids that are 2x bigger than him/her
Eg. DENVER is cute with features of being small, cute , and incredibly strong
by Denver Messer July 30, 2019
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Denver is a very funny sexy male. He is often known for his sence of Humour and is loved by eveyone he meets. He is always turning the girls heads with his red tinted dark hair, and his loving dimples. If you ever are friends with a Denver don’t let him go, he will always be there for you and will never not defend you. If you are with a Denver in a relationship concider your self the luckiest as there is no man like him. From messaging first, to loving you and showing you of he is eveything a girl would ever want. Denver is also known for having a big Dick almost as big as his personality.
You know Denver, wow your lucky
by Writer0201 October 27, 2019
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A very smart and beautiful girl she loves WHY DONT WE and she is going to there concert also she is prego by eggo
by Hey hunny October 24, 2018
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