A discreet way of calling someone stupid. Instead of using the abbreviation for a dentist (DDS) which means Doctor of Dental Surgery, this abbreviation means Dumb as Dog Shit.
by soyboy22 April 13, 2017
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an asshole that no one likes except for their mothers. its even worse if you have one that doesnt wear a mouth gard thing because then they breathe all over you and where they breathe turns white and dies because of malaria. then they shove a bill in your face but you say fu-- then they bitch slap you and inject you with pain killers before you can finish saying fuck you. then when youre knocked out or in lala land they either forge your signature or steal your money or throw you in the industrial size meat grinder and feed your remains to their little demon kids that they never stop bitching about.
dentist:my kids have wings and red skin but no penis!

dude:fuck you *punches dentist in face and knees him in balls*

dentist:that didnt hurt
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an asshole whos gay and loves making you throw up by sticking sharp tools down your thoat then he/her takes more sharp objects and pokes your teeth wich hurts and then charges you money for it you go in with bad teeth you come out with ok teeth but they make you were braces for a long time and when your teeth finally look strait they're all retarded and say "you can go for another year"so they tighten your braces and and you give them $500
dentist: hi there let me tighten your braces and stick sharp objects down your thoat so you can bleed inside won't that be fun

me: no fuc--- *grabs and throws on chair*

dentist: now let me see ah let me take this knife and stab your teeth to fuck

me: you fucking basterd *kicks knife out of hand* now what bitch

dentist: all is well i have more

me: *kicks balls punches face and knees in balls again*

dentist: that didn't hurt there's nothing there*dentist yells proudly* (it's a man to)
by fuck my dentist November 19, 2006
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the person to whom you pay a visit when your teeth are misbehaving and are giving you loadsa pain.
many people are scared of going to the dentist, probably due to large number of whirring, drilling, scraping and poking that goes on.
personally, i'm not scared of my dentist, as it is my mum. actually, scrap that, i'm VERY scared of my dentist BECAUSE it's my mum.....
no, honestly mum, my teeth are FINE...
by parlez January 30, 2005
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Cruel person who should be known as a "Gaggist". They love to stick strange tools down your throat to gag you.
That stupid Gaggist shoved a huge metal fluoride tray in my mouth. I gagged and vomited all over the place.
by Master Tonberry January 04, 2005
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A person who "eats" with someone else's teeth.
Im a dentist, I earn my money fixing teeth
by Toronto Raptors January 26, 2008
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n. a person with whom you have sex and you can't feel a thing.

v. to have sex with someone and not feel a thing.
n. 'You must be a dentist, cause I couldn't feel a thing.'

v. 'She was so loose, the best I could do was dentist her.'
by Fireblade99 October 11, 2006
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