A large human of New Zealand Descent Capable of absorbing LARGE amounts of food at the same time. Its Favourite food is K.F.C. It is a Scavenger belonging to the family of Fattus Muchus. It is a social animal but it is incapable of making or keeping actual friends as noone wishes to hang around with it.
TO denholm, means to eat a large amount of food at once, particularly K.F.C
"Oh stop Being such a Denholm. We need to leave some food for everyone else."

"Denholming is never fun to watch"
by lord_martinoso May 15, 2012
Happy St. Patties Day!
sexual act of inserting, just sitting there and bragging about being a man afterward.
he pulled a "Denholm", what a douche.
by kaot1k April 03, 2007
Happy St. Patties Day!