Often used in fantasy writing, it is equivalent to mood or atittude.
'You're moody' becomes something similar to 'you have an agressive demeanour'.
We prefer to talk in terms of moods and atittudes, but in writing "demeanour" sounds much more sophisticated.
"Your demeanour is pleasant"

"His depressive demeanour just flushes the fun out of parties"
by A speaker's curtain November 2, 2006
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When something has such a musty scent/feel, that it mentally affects your feelings and well-being and can lead to a variety of issues within oneself.
Rio: Yo G, what is that shoddy stench?
Charlie: What you saying? Has a wiff of the smell Yo that shit isn't shoddy, it's musty and is messing with mans head
Rio: For fuck sake, I'm gonna' have to tell my missus that I've got a musty demeanour
by OhWinBradleyGill October 31, 2019
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