Apparently, a word used by extremely angry and inarticulate Republicans to heap all of their fear, hate, and prejudice on to the Democratic party.
see also: homophobia displaced emotions blind patriotism bicameral polarization
I unilaterally support our country's leader, and embrace his ideologies as if they were my own- including his hardcore Evangelical Christianity. That's why I hate these gay, stupid, environmentally-concerned, stupid, gay, gay, liberal, stupid gay Democraps!
by wade word April 04, 2005
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Slimeballs who actually tried to reinstate the draft.They tried to convince the American people that drafting young people against their will and shipping them off to god knows where to die is actually better than our current and very Democratic "all volunteer" military where you can simply join or not join of your own free will.
Democraps could sell ice to Eskimos.
by Don't like 'em October 08, 2004
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"Another slur that some mentally challenged Republicanazi bastard invented."
Yet you can't even figure out how to spell Republican?

2. "Crap from a Demo, whatever the goddamned hell that is."
Well i'll tell you pretty much everything you people say is crap

3. "A misspelling of the word "Democrat". Misspelled because the uneducated white trash pig molesters from Possumshit Arkansas can't spell worth a good god damn."
Yet your hero Mrs. clinton and her puppet i mean husband were from which state? Oh yeah thats right Arkansas!hmm kinda ironc so maybe they are closet pig fuckers?
Hillary is a closet pig fucker and thats no load of Democrap
by the real truth April 12, 2005
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who you vote for if you hate trees and like nudie bars,gay bars,dildo shops,tattoo and piercing parlors and all of that sick fuckin big city bullshit that destroys the earth and makes you look like a fucking redneck carne (carnival empolyee).
toothless fucking liberal scum...big city,crotch worshipping retards!!!

I hope you all die of crotch rot!
by ex-fucking-Democrat August 07, 2004
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Shady, insider, and/or illegal dealing by the DNC and its cohorts/cronies.
Tulsi Gabbard isn't in the debate because of a bunch of democrap.
The Democrats will lose to Trump again if democrap causes Joe Biden to be the nominee.
Bernie Sanders takes less democrap than the other contenders and therefore you should vote for him.
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by alcifer December 10, 2019
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The daily lying that Democrats do in front of the American public. All in the name of manipulation and attacking the Republicans regardless of the facts.
Today Democrat U.S. Senators Nancy Pelosi and Elijah Cummings took a big democrap today claiming that Michael Flynn called himself a scapegoat today on his Twitter account after resigning last night as National Security Adviser. Turns out the quoted account was fake and the senators had to apologize.
by cowhead007 February 14, 2017
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Politicians who register themselves as and profess to be "Democrats" but are under the thumb of corporate giants and essentially spineless Republican-lites in blue ties.
Why do people vote for democraps like Dan Lipinksi?
by avigor May 15, 2018
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