Pro-gaying is heavily influenced by the procrastinating and professionalism. To pro-gay means to establish a beautiful mixture of fun and business, usually including big amounts of bourbon. It involves actively seeking out opportunities that minimizes work load and maximizes getting your dick sucked. Pro-gayers are known to commonly buy houses and stock them with twinks which of whom they hope to stuff with bourbon and semen. It takes a skilled liver to determine just the right amount of bourbon to convince the twinks that anal tearing is in fact enjoyable. At the same time a true pro-gayer will hold a 9-5 job where he is paid a very good salary while working no more than an hour per day.
Asian boy: I got so pro-gayed last week that I couldn't sit down for 4 days. After the pro-gayer said "Show me your penis" 420 times, the force simply became too strong and I could do nothing but give in. His pro-gaying was on point that night.
by honestlyhonesty August 4, 2017
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A man that is so gay, that he cannot be compared by other gay men
Person A: "Hey, how is it to be gay?"
Person B (pro-gay): "Oh, I'm not gay. I'm pro-gay."
Person A: "What does that even mean?"*Person B perseus to pull down Person A's pants*
by martinnord January 1, 2019
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