Person1: Hey did you hear about Obama's Health Insurance Re authorization Act?

Person2: Shut up i don't want to hear your Democrap right now!
by freshyweshy1 January 07, 2011
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the liberal jargon that flows from a Democats mouth.
You never hear anything from Howard Dean but democrap.
by Don Morris October 09, 2003
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1.) Synonymous for a typical Democrat, who is usually left-leaning and supporting of policies and actions that actually hurt America. Also a person who singles out conservatives and others who voted for George W. Bush. The majority of these left-wingers are known as liberals.

2.) The propaganda, hate speech, lies, and idiotic points that spew from a Democrat. Usually occurs on television, on college campuses, and during filibustering.
The liberal kids at the local university were emitting democrap about being in pro-gay and pro-abortion activism.
by Cincinnati Reds Fan April 15, 2005
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Apparently, a word used by extremely angry and inarticulate Republicans to heap all of their fear, hate, and prejudice on to the Democratic party.
see also: homophobia displaced emotions blind patriotism bicameral polarization
I unilaterally support our country's leader, and embrace his ideologies as if they were my own- including his hardcore Evangelical Christianity. That's why I hate these gay, stupid, environmentally-concerned, stupid, gay, gay, liberal, stupid gay Democraps!
Source: wade word, Apr 4, 2005

Yeah yeah,your little Nazi "political correctness" tactics won't work on me,so fuck off asshole!
I hope you and the UN both die!
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Also - The ridiculous scree these unethical hucksters espouse.
Gore was beaten in 2000 because all he had to offer was still more of Clinton's Democrap.

Hillary says Vince Foster Committed Suicide. That is some serious Democrap!
by Tim Freckman March 17, 2003
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