1. A slang term used to convey the unmistakable (or, unmistinkable) similarity between the Democratic party's espoused philosophy and ideals, and a bowel movement.

2. A warning that one has left the restroom in a state of olfactory distress.
Example (1) "If I'm financially successful, I should be punished by paying proportionally more in taxes than an individual of lower socio-economic status. That's a bunch of democrap."

Example (2) "Honey, you might want to stay out of the bathroom for a while. I just took a democrap."
by doctorpinkfreud November 15, 2008
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1. Obamacare; 2. Anything found spewing from the mouth of Nancy Pelosi; 3. What the Kennedy family and their ilk (see 'Daley') have been force feeding America for over half a century; 4. AKA Socialism
Gee, that health care bill being illegally crammed into law sure is a load of democrap!

I was standing in front of the dais during a Speaker of the House press conference and had to take my suit to the cleaners to remove all the democrap stains.
I thought Chapaquidik (sp?) was the most disgusting democrap around, until I saw Richie Daley get away with the Quinn inheritance scam.
Interesting, isn't it, that Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union were both full of democrap?
by enigmat March 20, 2010
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when you have had liberal politics shoved shoved your throat so often you don't know whether to shit or go blind.
I went to take a democrap, and I couldn't even read the Times anymore...
by Terry CrapAwful August 05, 2003
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1.) A Democrat.
2.) The result of a liberal sitting on a toilet.
3.) A bigot.
Democraps opposing the Reconstruction started the KKK.
by Relentless February 12, 2005
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Master media manipulators!

Master propagandists!

Affluent creeps!

Boldface LIARS!

see rich pigs,elitist assholes etc.
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To have an irrational fear of the constitution.

one who has lots of gay anal sex
see; bleeding ass liberals
The Bleeding ass liberals all read the Communist Manifesto! The bleeding ass liberals all adore Che Guevera!
by mrs right July 05, 2004
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