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Heroic modern name derived from the ancient Greek hero "Demetrios the vigorous", who in his legendary journeys, defeated Flatulos the eight nippled beast of Mycenae and neutered the Cycladic ogre known as Testiclees the mighty. Bearers of the name Demetrios are imbued with the power that this name has bestowed upon them and are well regarded for their many incedible feats of manliness. People who have this name are known to be accomplished, desirable, magnificent and noble. Never engage in a test of wits with a Demetrios, for he will pants you, and all the world will see your cocktail frank and or vajoojoo.
Man #1: "I don't understand it. All the women in my family are pregnant at the same time, even my Grandma!"

Man #2: "Say, didn't some guy named Demetrios move in next door to you recently?"
by Leo Batfish III February 03, 2010
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a Puerto Rican Male with the powers of a liger, the brains of AI machine, and the charm of Zorro. He has the power to woo you and then disappear in the blink of an eye. His comedic styling is unparalleled and will leave you thinking, WHAT???!?!
Demetrio: "I wonder if Boston has so many bars because of its name. I mean if you say it with the accent it Bahston. It kind of sounds like Bahs-toon... bahs-town...bars-town.... GET IT?!"
by Clyde McGinty February 10, 2012
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A person who is a liberal, pro-union, anti-religion douche and has to intentionally say wrong things because they are so obviously stupid it can't be comprehended to the well educated.

There is a Demetrios protest at Bush's ranch tonight. We won't leave until we believe our own lies!
by jjd002 April 11, 2009
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one of the coolest, most genuine person you'd ever meet. probably would be at the top of your friends list. they're born leaders and always stands up for what's right. if you know a demetrio like i do, you'd immediately notice how caring and selfless they are. demetrio's are charismatic as fuck and you could never get bored in their presence. they're witty and smart, easily the top of the class if they wanted to be. i can imagine the demetrio i know as a hero in a movie, he got all the characteristics: strong, passionate, caring, quick witted and humble. they're purely amazing, i don't know how i'm blessed enough to meet one but i'm thankful as hell because i would never wanna replace the demetrio i know.
person 1: have you met demetrio yet?
person 2: yes, they're other worldly!
by kakaorcaca April 01, 2021
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