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How some native New Englanders pronounce "Boston". The Boston accent is known for being non-rhotic (R's are seldom pronounced) and broad, sometimes nasal, vowels.
Other examples of pronunciation:
New Guy in Boston: Can you say park the car in Harvard yard?
Guy born in Bahston: What're you, retahded?
by tbozasd November 02, 2010
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It is the Mid-sized town on the Eastern Seaboard located in Mass. that's wicked fookin awful. It is actually awful. Not in the cool way where bad is good sometimes but in the way that it's actually bad. Seriously, avoid it all costs, you're better off taking a long walk off a short peir, and as a matter of a fact if you're from Bahston why don't you do that and do us all a favor.
Crappy Bahston Dude with token Boston Hat: "I'm so wicked awesome."
Any other human on earth: "No dude, you suck at life."
by Littlebighed September 29, 2006
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