When you revisit people who used to like you and decide to give them a chance to date you.
Becky: "Wow, Is Jocelyn dating Andrew? I thought they were just friends."
Karen: "Because of Covid, Jocelyn decided to defrost Andrew"
by ibeyuranh January 14, 2022
An act which involves a person to stand near an open flame or heat source to warm a cold body part
Ex. 1

Male: Come get this D

Female: Hold on lemme defrost bae

Ex. 2 Adj

Gf: Baby I'm ready

Bf: One sec I'm defrosting your dinner
by Eastsidemike March 28, 2014
Similar to being hung over, more specifically from street drugs, specifically when cocaine a.k.a "snow" was one of the jawns in the mix.
Last night we got so blitzed for sambuca day that I'm straight defrosted this morning.

That dirty blunt had me twisted. Now I'm so fuckin defrosted and I got work.
by Phmns52 October 28, 2013
When you put a number of ice cubes up someone’s ass and let them melt, then drink the residue that drips out.
“I’m alright for a drink thanks, the defrosting from Rosalie’s ass totally quenched my thirst”
by Bronx de Frost August 19, 2018
the act of having sex with a new partner for the first time
baz: yo nala!
nala: ssup baz!
baz: hows things going with your boy?
nala: pretty good...we defrosted
baz: daaayam! hi five sista

by caz and mal February 17, 2008
a person who's a loser one year of school, summer passes and all of a sudden is the coolest/sexiest person at school.
this mostly occurs in high school.
Person 1: hey dude, you hear about that girl, Liz?
Person 2: yea man. junior year, she was a total nerd and no one knew her. i guess she defrosted over the summer, because this year... every dude wants her.
by bee jay June 16, 2007
Adjective: Feeling exhausted in the morning from partying or staying up too late the night before.
"I can't get going this morning because I'm 'defrosting' from clubbing way too late last night."
by RhetoricRalph July 17, 2017