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a blunt rolled with cocaine inside; and you don't tell your company that there is.
Smoke-outter: Yo, you niggas heard of a dirty blunt?
Smoke-ees: Naw..
Smoke-outter: Well you do nowwww
by trip-daddy December 05, 2007
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The smell of a blunt after it becomes stale or when mixed with a foul odor. Dirty blunts are pretty much every blunt, loud pack or that dook (aka that Reginald Jackson or put depressingly, regs). Dirty blunt syndrome is common among avid blunt smokers- they basically become dirty blunts after consuming too many tobacco and marijuana combinations, which may include spliffs.
It smelled like dirty blunts in his car. It was disgusting. Because of the odor, I could not maintain my erection.
by bigoldballs November 17, 2017
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